Why Iran


An Emerging Market
Iran has numerous natural resources while it is the home to some 80 million people, a largely educated, highly-skilled population, 60% of whom are under 30 years old. This makes the country an important target for companies that operate in emerging markets.


A Major Trade Hub
Iran has settled its internal struggles while its neighbors still have this work ahead. Looking further into the future, Iran is a potential global trade hub. As a natural transit region between Europe and China, the country is very much part of “the New Silk Road” – an idea increasingly popular in the minds of large institutional investors.
Moreover, the International North-South Transport Corridor will make Iran a key link in connecting India, Central Asia, and Russia, which will boost bilateral trade between these countries and Iran.


A Tourist Destination
Iran ranks among the top 10 UNESCO world heritage cultural sites in the world. From ancient cities and beach resorts to its modern capital and skiing destinations, all makes it a fascinating place for tourists and travelers.




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